saff wrote on 4/16/2000, 10:54 AM
Michael --

I bought a Quantum Atlas III SCSI hard drive and Adaptec 2940 UW SCSI
card from Bason Computers. The total for both was about $500. The
drive works great for multitrack digital audio (Vegas didn't work too
well with my old 5400 RPM 10GB IDE IBM Deskstar). I have the 7200 RPM
9GB version of the Atlas III. The only thing I would change if I had
more to spend would be moving up to 10000 RPM and perhaps a larger
capacity, but mine works fine for my purposes. I have enough space to
do an album-length 16-track project without backing up. When I do run
out of space, I back up to an external SCSI DAT Drive (Archive
Python). I'm very happy with Quantum and the external casing provided
by Bason.

Also, in the interest of preserving hard drive space (and reducing
the time it takes to wait for a DAT backup), I've become fond of
using lossless audio compression to shrink files before archiving. It
really works! I've created .shn files from .wav files and then re-
converted the .shn files to .wav, brought the original and the
extracted files into Vegas, reversed the phase of one file and played
them simultaneously on seperate tracks -- complete cancelleation with
no artifacts! The utility I use also generates checksums. Learn more
about it here:


Michael Chavez wrote:
>>My HD that I'm currently running is on its last MB.
>>I need to a buy an External HD (SCSI) that will last me for
>>a while.
>>I do not have extensive knowledge on HD's so I'm looking
>>for suggestions. Company, Size, Speed etc..
>>All suggestions are greatly appreciated.