Extracting subtitles from VOB for DVD Arch.

juan2004 wrote on 10/10/2005, 10:17 AM
Hello mates!, Please help me, thanks

I know how extract subtitles from VOB files, but the softwares what I use don't allow me export the subtitles extracted in a format what DVD Architect can read it or open it at time when import subtitles in subtitle track. Yet if the files extracted are ".txt" or ".sub" extensions, DVD Architect can't open it.

And "SubRip 1.20" or "VobSub" olny export the subtitles are files with BMP extension, and that it isn't correct or apropiate.

I would like to know what software is appropiate for me propuse, because, i want extract all the subtitles in spanish from a movie with3 soundtracks (eng, por & jap), and re-make the movie only with the japanesse soundtrack and with the spanish subtitles, BUT also I want, just remove the subtitles from dvd player control remote and hear only japanese and DON'T see any subtitle.

What software cans extract subtiltes and export it for DVD Architect valid file????

Thanks for your help!! and.... Luck!!



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