Fade out on first track and no fade in on second track

chr98 wrote on 10/16/2002, 3:03 PM
Congratulation for your new product.
Many improvments compare to 4.0, but i big less is the crossfading preset.
You have 25 presets but no preset for:
1) no fade out on first track and fade in on second track
2) fade out on first track and no fade in on second track.

the point 2) is often use in radio. If you have a fade in on second track, you loose the begining, and in radio mix, it's not acceptable.

I can't believe that there is no possibility to do that with your new product.

I hope that these 2 essantials crossfading will be available in your final release or better like in vers4.0.

It's not acceptable to use soft like vegas just to mix CD for radio (with fade out on first track and no fade in on second).


brokenrecords wrote on 10/16/2002, 3:30 PM
I second that motion.
Many times I'll fade a song out but have no fade on the intro of the next song. I liked in CDA 4 the ability to add points where you could draw your own fades.
Youd think with 25 fades there would be one that would do this..
I dunno, cause I cant get my CDA 5 download to open properly.
aupio wrote on 10/16/2002, 4:17 PM

I agree on this one. In CDA-4 there was the possibility to change the fade yourself by adding points and create your own fades. This feature is now only available for the overall volume. I would like to see this also for the fades (so the pre-defined fades are editable).

Also congratulations for the product! It's really great to see CDA back!!

sreams wrote on 10/16/2002, 4:38 PM
I agree that this ability is needed... but I'd rather see a real solution, rather than another pair of presets. We need per-clip envelopes like we had in CDA4... along with the new track envelopes and slip-fades/crossfades that are new to 5.0.

doctorfish wrote on 10/16/2002, 9:43 PM
Definitely a must.
Part of the awesome power of CD-A 4.0 was the configurable crossfades.
Fading out one track and not fading in the next is something I do frequently.The presets are great but they need to be customizable or we need per clip envelopes.
Preferably the latter.

Everything else works great on my system.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/17/2002, 10:22 PM
Due to the valuable feedback both to CDArchBeta@SonicFoundry.com and on this forum, we are now very well aware of the demand for better crossfade editing. To be honest, we had no idea how many people used this feature in CDA4. We are currently discussing possible solutions for CDA5. Thanks for the feedback.
Weka wrote on 10/17/2002, 10:32 PM
Good lads! Toasting your health in New Zealand tonight!
sreams wrote on 10/18/2002, 3:59 PM
Thanks for listening on this.
sreams wrote on 10/18/2002, 4:03 PM
Just to add a bit to this...

Transitions between songs on a CD are, of course, very important. When they overlap, we do need quite a bit of control over what happens in the overlap. I honestly don't believe any number of crossfade presets can make this right. There are many times when tracks are overlapped that I wish to manipulate exactly where the fade-out of the first track begins. Sometimes I'll want the Second track to start... and then have the first track begin to fade out a second later.

I hope you are leaning towards per-clip envelopes as a solution more than anything else.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/18/2002, 4:35 PM
Actually, the solution we have decided on is to allow a second track of source audio.

Combining event volume envelopes with the existing auto-crossfades (ASR envelopes) would just get too messy, and there are other reasons why they were not an ideal solution.

An additional track of source audio will allow you to fade up and down your songs completely independently of each other, using either easy event fade-in or fade-out (ASR) envelopes, or the track envelope, with as many points as you'd like. You can combine them if you'd like too.

The second track will be hidden by default, but can be summoned with a single click. Consider it the "expert crossfader" mode <g>.

This will take us a little time to get in, but we hope to have another public beta update before the end of the month.

Again, thanks for all the feedback.

brokenrecords wrote on 10/18/2002, 4:39 PM
Good job SF! Thanks for listening to us.

Ive resorted to using Cakewalk's Pyro, and it works pretty darn good for a $25 program. It allows you to drag and drop tracks anywhere you want and drag and drop fade ins and outs. Very easy and works great.

Of course, Im a Sonic Foundry kinda guy and will snap CDA5 up as soon as its available!
doctorfish wrote on 10/18/2002, 5:43 PM
Yes, thanks for listening SF. I had been thinking about
checking out the CD writing capabilities of Samplitude, but with CD-A 5
there's no need, and my studio will remain almost completely
SF products, Acid, Vegas, Sound Forge, CD-A, and Siren.

Thanks again.

sreams wrote on 10/19/2002, 5:10 AM
One last thing...

It seems to me that if per-clip envelopes are added, suddenly the job CDA5 has to do importing CDA4 projects is far, far easier... since per-clip envelopes are what CDA4 uses. As it stands now, CDA5 and VV3 both have do considerable "translation" to get the old envelope system to work with the new one. With per-clip envelopes... no translation would really be necessary. Just copy the clip envelopes over.

sreams wrote on 10/19/2002, 5:12 AM
Ah... posted an additional reply before reading this one. Thanks for a solution.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/20/2002, 12:12 AM

You're right that event envelopes would make CDA4 project import easier, but they pose other problems (previously discussed). I believe that we'll be able to import CDA4 projects into two tracks just as cleanly.