karlc wrote on 2/2/2000, 3:00 PM
They both seem to work at the same time in my experience. The most
boost you can get out a volume envlope is +6/ ... even with max gain
on the volume envelope, you can still raise or lower the gain of the
track with the track fader. I haven't tried to use the track fader
with the volume envelope at minus infinity, but it should be easy to
tell what happens when you do so.

At least that's how it works here. :)

Let me just addd this as an afterthought. With my soundcard (MOTU
2408) Vegas plays back at a higher level to the card than it records
to the hard drive. What we usually do is use Vegas' Output BUS faders
to get the PB level to where it doesn't clip the output, then we use
the Track fader to get the level "in the ballpark" in the mix, and
finally, we then use the volume envelope to get the level exactly "in
the pocket" in the various places in the song.

Done in that order it seems to keep all the levels and faders to a
reasonable setting throughout.

FWIW ...


kenrick wrote:
>>when using the track faders in vegas, do they still work
>>when you put in a volume envelope, or do they work together
>>to provide a combined gain reduction or boost? i can't seem
>>to figure it out. Changes in either sometimes seem to
>>affect the other, and sometimes not.