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Rui Almeida wrote on 3/18/2008, 6:35 AM
Hi from Portugal,

Sorry for my bad ingles.

I´m traing to do a music clip with fast images. I shoot a 15m clip with car´s and i´m traing to fastfoword the playback rate.
I did 2 ting´s, first i move the "green bar" (velocity) to top, and in the proprieties bar and change the playback rate from 1.000 to the max -> 4.000. I´ts good, but i whated faster, so i rendered to max quality (pure avi), and did the same thing.
Finily i have the result i whant. The only problem is that i have to do 2 renders, i dont liked because i´m losing quality, even whit pure avi.

Is there a way of doing this whitout doing 2 renders?

Sorry the terrible ingles :(


busterkeaton wrote on 3/18/2008, 6:48 AM
The most you can speed up a clip in a single render in Vegas is 12x.

It seems you have already moved the velocity "envelope" (green bar) to max, which is 3 times and the playback rate to 4x, so that is the most you can do.

If you want to do genuine time-laspe photographer (where hours of video can be shown within seconds) then you have try another tool. Sceneanalyzer is a capture tool that you can try.

With ScenalyzerLive you can use Time Lapse Capturing to create impressive effects that can be used in your final video.
rs170a wrote on 3/18/2008, 7:40 AM
You might want to take a look at Veggie Toolkit.
One of it's many features is Time Bandit which has the following:
* Timecode Picker control allows mouse scrubbing of the control label to change the end time
* Speed up video beyond the 12x max of Vegas, without multiple renders, to create amazing fast motion effects
* Speed up or slow down multiple video and/or audio events by selecting the time range and a new end time
* Use markers, regions, current selection, etc. to define the starting time range
* Preserves velocity key frame relationships when adjusting speed
It's $80 U.S. to buy and there is a trial version available.

Pedro Rocha wrote on 3/18/2008, 11:14 AM
Hi Rui,

I'm Pedro Rocha from Portugal, Lisbon. This is one best Forums I known, but we have in Portugal one of the most active forums of A/V technologies called, we have a dedicate area for the Sony Vegas Software.

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