Byron K wrote on 1/1/2014, 3:16 PM
Reply by: Grazie, Date: 12/31/2013 2:33:17 AM
... and none of youse have Particle Illusion? . . . Interesting.

I use PI and it is one of the cooler programs but not on all projects. (;
I sometimes use plug-ins from Boris RED... But, I've found Boris RED has a VERY steep learning curve.

Also noticed that TeeTime and videoITGuy use ProShow. Exactly how do you use this w/ YOUR videos. The promotional videos from the company look decent but the all videos I've seen on YouTube and Vimeo look really cheezy for some reason.
Grazie wrote on 1/1/2014, 3:57 PM

1] WATER JET: Used on a client's deconstructed logo as it flew over London and into a PC MoBo

2] FIREWORKS: Jazz up Titles internals

3] Add dust and smoke to movement of vehicles

4] Really really cheesy DISCO LITES to a Band's DVD menu

5] SMOKE: Allowed the number 100 drift through Smoke on a Centenary Celebration DVD of a much loved Skool.

And yes, a little goes a long way.


DavidMcKnight wrote on 1/2/2014, 12:12 AM
1. UltimateS Pro from VASST. It goes on every Vegas installation we have (disclosure, I've done work for DSE and the VASST folks in the past but I gladly paid for this product) More goodies than I have used even after all these years. It was the first to include realtime multicam and is still the best "multi-scripts" tool for Vegas IMO. Excalibur would be my second choice, also very very good.

2. Izotope RX2 for noise reduction & other audio tools.

3. NewBlueFX Video Essentials I. The ColorFixer works very well.

4. PluralEyes 2.

We have many other plugs but I think these are the only things we use at least once a week if not more often.
mark-woollard wrote on 1/3/2014, 9:51 AM
Izotope Rx2
Boris BCC8
Frederick Baumann's WhiteBalance GPU
VASST Ultimate S Pro
Kimberly wrote on 1/11/2014, 1:23 PM
I've been having a lot of good fun with the following:

NewBlue Colorfast
Neat Video
Vegas Levels
VAAST Ultimate S Pro (especially batch render)
ProDAD Mercalli

I've been using these almost every day this season.



crocdoc wrote on 2/4/2014, 11:54 PM
At the risk of reviving an old thread only to derail it, regarding the painful reactivation of FBmn's WhiteBalance plugin, any idea on how to overcome the issue?

I've recently moved to win8.1 and now find the plugin is no longer functional. I've tried activating it several times using my serial number and licence key, to no avail, and am not getting any replies from my emails to the company. I am editing a video I started a fair while ago which has multiple events using the plug in (now all showing up as blank events unless I turn the plugin off) and I don't really feel like having to manually colour balance all of the clips from scratch.
Byron K wrote on 2/5/2014, 1:25 AM
I've had a similar problem re-installing FBmn's apps on my new i7 machine a while ago. I performed the following and was able to get the app to work:

Run the Activate program as ADMINISTRATOR. To do so, right click on it in the Windows Start menu, and select the "Run as administrator" option in the popup menu. Otherwise, activation will fail silently (weird user access rights management stuff in Windows).

If this doesn't work try emailing him, he's pretty helpful.