Feature Suggestion: Small PQ gap detection

Brazilian wrote on 9/20/1999, 12:23 AM
I have burnt a couple of CDs that pretty much play fine,
except when I put them in my junk Sony CDP-C335 and try to
skip ahead tracks. The playback will begin at a random
point within the song, and the time counter will get stuck.
If I play the previous track and play through the end of it,
it plays through perfectly fine, but the time counter counts
downward into negative numbers, as if it's stuck between two
PQ tracks. Other CD players don't have a problem.

I emailed Sonic Foundry about this and never got even an
automated response, but I've finally figured out what is
causing this. Occasionally little tiny gaps will creep into
my PQ list; IE, I might have some tracks that look like:

Track 7, Start 00:20:30.67 End 00:27:48.70
Track 8, Start 00:27:48.71 End 00:28:10.05

This little .01 gap totally confuses this particular CD
player; Its like it sees the end of track 7, and then
misses the beginning of track 8.

If I remove these gaps and butt the tracks up (or add more
space -- I'm not sure how much before it would stop) then
things are great.

Is this normal, or just my crappy Sony CD Player (Sony will
burn for their sins against CD playing) and either way, the
point of this post is that it would be nice if it would warn
you about these tiny gaps before burning.. but I'm more
curious if this is "legal" to have these short of gaps in
the first place.


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