Features I'd like to see and bug report

dsnider wrote on 7/21/1999, 8:15 AM
I've just completed mixing 6 songs of an 11 song CD in
Vegas Pro. This is a fantasic product but still needs a bit
of refinement.

Here are my observations and wishes:

1. It would be great to have a noise gate available on each
track. I guess this is just an oversight?

2. Is there a way to disable track colors? There really
seems to be no need for separate track colors. A single
color to indicate track focus should be fine. I constantly
ran into situations were the track would be the same color
as some of my envelope lines causing them to nearly

3. Removing an envelope line and bringing the line back
results in a straight line without any indication of your
original envelope points. Shouldn't it redraw the line with
the original envelope points? Or, is it deleting your
original points? It would be nice to be able to temporarily
remove envelope lines during complex mixes and be able to
redraw them later.

4. Please lock envelope changes to the wave so that if you
move the wave, the envelope follows. The current
configuration makes it impossible to re-arrange parts of
the song.

5. Please add the FX returns and the Bus outputs to the
track view. This would allow more flexibility on the
effects and allow me to fade songs without having to mix
down and edit the fade in a separate program.

I used Vegas Pro on an Pentium III 550 with 256MB RAM on
Windows 98. I've got IBM 7200 rpm SCSI drives and a DAL
Card D plus.

I have not done any recording in VP. We record tracks on
two Fostex D160s and then use their .WAV export feature to
dump the tracks into VP.

I had no crashes but I did run into some audio glitching
during a 32 track mix with 4 DSP/FX reverbs and eq and
compression on most of the channels. Defragmenting the
drive resolved the audio glitches and left me with power to
run more effects.

Overall this is a fantastic product. All the engineers at
the studio love the product and we will be purchasing it as
soon as it's available.

Don Snider,
Rolling Hills Recording Studios


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