Final Folder

wobblyboy wrote on 11/30/2003, 8:36 PM
I have noticed that when DVDA completes DVD creation, it places the final MPEG file in the same folder with the Audio and Video Folders. In order to reburn I have to either move the MPEG file to another folder or move the Audio and Video folders to their own folder. It seems to me that DVDA should automatically set different folders. It is no problem to go in and move the file into its own folder. However if you don't know this, it is confusing when you get a message telling you the DVDA can't burn because it has extra file in the burn folder. Is this an oversite or is there a parameter I can set to change it???


GaryKleiner wrote on 11/30/2003, 11:42 PM
When you are ready to prepare the final DVD, create a new folder for it. I always name the folder xxxDVDA so I know at a glance that it is a finished DVD.

kameronj wrote on 12/1/2003, 5:05 AM

I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about. DVDA does not create MPEG files. It prepares DVD file structures to include the VOB files - but no MPEG files.

It, however, doesn't select where to put any files or folder...there is a screen where you, as the user/author, have to select where the prepared material will go. If you don't specifiy anything, it, DVDA, will use what ever is there as a defautl.

So as with the other post - create your own folder where you want the finished files to go (mine is called 'DVD Temp'). That is where everthing finished goes to.
wobblyboy wrote on 12/1/2003, 5:37 PM
I stand corrected. I must have accidently placed an MPEG file in the folder. I remove my question. Thank you.
pete_h wrote on 12/2/2003, 2:31 PM

DVDA does create mpeg files. It just takes longer to render them than Vegas supposedly.