EricLNZ wrote on 2/19/2023, 4:22 PM

DVDA is software for authoring and producing a Blu-ray iso file to be burnt to disc. Plus it can burn the iso file to a disc, although some users prefer to burn outside of DVDA using software such as ImgBurn or Nero. So yes DVDA could be described as software to burn discs but only Video discs. With non video discs i.e. data discs DVDA won't help you but Windows might.

Post a link to one of the Amazon burners so we can see exactly what it says.

ssafm wrote on 2/20/2023, 6:30 PM

Pioneer BDR-XD07B - 6x Slim Portable USB 3.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner - Supports BDXL & M-Disc Format - USB Bus Powered, Cyberlink Software Included (


EricLNZ wrote on 2/20/2023, 10:16 PM

Shouldn't be a problem. It also includes Cyberlink software items which might be useful for the actual burning of your DVDA produced iso files should DVDA give burning problems. I say that because DVDA's actual burning software is possibly a few years out of date now.

ssafm wrote on 2/21/2023, 7:43 AM