Fire Wire Info Needed

Stebu wrote on 8/14/2016, 8:51 PM
From time to time I am integrating parts of my old PAL documentaries etc into some of my 'movies' by converting them thru my Canapus ADVC300 via IEEE 1394. No problems.
My new Computer does not have access to Firewire.
I am looking for some kind of reader that would allow my setup of Firewire to convert into USB 3.0 .
A few days ago I had asked for suggestions and/for card readers and Grazie came up with the excellent recommendation of Lexar Pro USB 3.0 . Unfortunately he could not give any 1394 options.
I appreciate your info / help. Thanks.


heg wrote on 8/14/2016, 10:32 PM
If your computer has a PCI or PCIexpress slot available you should be able to install one of the many cards available:


There is no such thing as a firewire converter to usb.
MozartMan wrote on 8/15/2016, 7:20 AM

Don't buy cards based on VIA FireWire chipset, only Texas Instrument. I am saying from my personal experience.