firewire connection issue

Woodenmike wrote on 4/30/2010, 6:22 PM
I had a graphics card crap out last week and it compromised the OS...long story short, i reinstalled XP, re-loaded all the programs, etc. everything is working pretty good so far with the exception of auto play on my DVD drive not functioning despite setting it in properties, and the more important (to me) issue that my Sony GV-D1000 tape deck is not being seen by my system when i turn it on (connected by firewire) I am feeling like some drivers aren't loaded/updated but not sure which ones. when i go to capture, i get an error message that says my blackmagic capture program can't start, even though i have the Sony capture 6.0 selected as the exterior capture program. where do i start with tracing these issues down?


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