Firewire "webcam"

Bob Greaves wrote on 10/12/2010, 6:14 AM
This is somewhat off topic, however I need an answer from someone who appreciates the difference between USB webcams and Fire wire camcorders.

Like the rest of you I use Vegas Video for capturing and editing digital video from a camcorder.

HOWEVER, I also use Adobe Visual Communicator (Formerly Serious Magic VC) for talking head type projects. I am wondering about firewire cams you would recommend.

I do not want to purchase 3 totally new camcorders for a multi cam project in VC, I would prefer to buy only what I really need - just the video feed, So all I need are 3 good quality firewire cameras. Since these are available only online I cannot try before buy.

What recommendations do you have?

Thanks, and as always I appreciate the wealth of practical advice available here.


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