First Burn with CDA 5.0 - strange dialog boxes on screen...

Vocalpoint wrote on 11/19/2002, 9:21 AM

Just burned my first compliation (just 15 or so favorites from various CD's) as a mix last night. Everything was cool except for the "progress" dialog when the burn commenced. After setting up my PQ track list correctly and clicking the "Burn CD" icon...I set my parameters for the burn and clicked okay. Then the progress dialog appeared. However after a initial shoot up to about 67%, the text and grpahics on the dialog never updated again. All the while, CDA seemed to be grinding through the tracks (I had one effect strapped across the Master (Steinberg Magneto) so I could see it's VU meters moving).

The weird thing is...for some reason I decided to move my mouse while the burn was going on...and suddenly this progress dialog seemed to "catch up" with itself. By that - I mean the progress strip would move to 75%..76% etc...the timer would catch up with the actual time left....the Overburn Buffer progress strip would update...but only while I moved the mouse. If I let go...the dialog would be frozen in time waiting for the next mouse movement.

The burn completed successfully and CDA is an awesome product but is this a bug or a display problem with my box or what? Anyone seen anything like this?


Cuzin B


Geoff_Wood wrote on 11/19/2002, 4:25 PM
It was probably busy 'pre-rendering' the image. You had that option turned on. Not necessary if a straight burn, probably necessary if plugins or sample-rate conversion needed.

Vocalpoint wrote on 11/19/2002, 6:30 PM
Thanks...I will look at it tonight with another test...

However - It did look like the CDR was burning the whole time while this strange display was going on.


Cuzin B
SonyDennis wrote on 11/19/2002, 7:19 PM
It sounds like that dialog was just not updating like it should be. We'll keep an eye out for it here.
Vocalpoint wrote on 11/20/2002, 7:36 AM
Sonic Dennis,

That's what I thought. burn went fine but the dialog is not updating correctly. Also - I checked and I did not have the "Prerender" checkbox on in my Burn parameters. I just went straight to the burn.

I will report back this evening after a few more discs.


Cuzin B
habaneroburger wrote on 12/20/2002, 1:45 AM
I saw the same bug with a couple burns I did today. I burned a bunch of CD's last night with no problems, but today, it only updates the progress dialog when I move the mouse. I haven't done a lot of experimenting with it (haven't even tried relaunching the program since I DO have a prerendered file and want to burn the rest of the copies of my CD before I exit), but I just wanted to post a "Me, too".

I'm burning a different project today than yesterday, but I can't think of anything meaningful that's different between the two. Just one of those things, I guess.

P.S. Sonic Foundry guys: Thanks for making this program. It ROCKS MY WORLD. I do lots of live recording, and this puts practically everything I need in one package.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/20/2002, 4:52 PM
I get the 'lack of progress updating' thing too. If if wasn't for the blinking light on the icon, I would almost be inclined to 'cancel'.

habaneroburger wrote on 12/23/2002, 11:36 PM
Heh. The light blinking on the icon is completely meaningless. It's a dialog box animation, the same as the flying folders in the Windows copy dialog and such, that doesn't have anything to do with how the underlying operation is progressing.

I've noticed an annoying thing about this behavior (which didn't happen to me the next time I went to burn the project I was working on): it seems that CD Architect won't progress from one step of the burn operation to the next unless you move the mouse to update the dialog. By that, I mean it won't go from prerender to burn stage, and won't eject the CD at the end of the burn unless you kick it by moving the mouse cursor. So you can't completely ignore the bug.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/24/2002, 5:05 AM
> Heh. The light blinking on the icon is completely meaningless. It's a dialog box animation

As in IE, it implies that the computer hasn't totally seized !