First Frame Of Transition Corrupted

sjohn wrote on 11/21/2004, 6:21 AM

I just rendered a project and I noticed a flash right before almost every transition. I went back to the Vegas project and went frame by frame over the areas that showed this corruption.

What I found was that the first frame of the transition between two events was a complete frame of the next event(the remaining frames of the transition were ok). By moving the transition one frame to the left or right I could eliminate this corrupted frame.

Anyone else encounter this issue? Are there any known workarounds?
It seems to happen if the clips are on a odd frame boundary.


HPV wrote on 11/21/2004, 10:10 PM
Did you add the video clips as a group (right click drag) adding the transitions automatically? Do you have stills or generated media on the same track before the problem areas?

Craig H.