First Major Render in Build 521 and...and...and...

vtxrocketeer wrote on 1/28/2012, 11:03 PM was flawless. Completely without a hitch. I figured I would add some positive vibes to give hope here. This is not a fresh system or install. In fact, I installed Build 521 over 10.0(e). I have a lot of other applications installed, but I keep my system defragged, Win7 updated, drivers updated, and routinely cleaned.

I just finished a 45 minute piece, my own little torture test. At least, it was absolute torture to edit. The 1920x1080p (23.976 fps) timeline consisted of:

- Cineform avi (all cuts and dissolves, a few Sony flashes for transitions)
- generated media (solid colors), titles (plain vanilla Sony titler)
- one PNG from Ilustrator
- several nested veg's that were PSD sequences exported from After Effects.

All of these were distributed among 25 tracks that I grouped into 10 groups.

FX included:
- Magic Bullet Looks 2 on ALL video footage
- smattering of BorisFX
- NeatVideo on some dark clips
- Mercalli 2.0 on a lot of handheld clips

I think the FX caused a lot of crashes during editing, so my hopes were low for rendering. I set color depth to 32-bit, RAM preview to 56MB, and rendering threads to 2. GPU was off since I have an old card. I rendered to a Cineform avi (1920x1080) without a hitch some 8 hours later.

Late in my editing, I had uninstalled 10.0(e) 64- and 32-bit versions. The experience in Build 521 seemed to be a bit smoother and less crash-prone after the uninstall.

I'm just pleased as punch that my render on a long form (for me) project went as it should. In previous builds, even 10.0(e), Magic Bullet Looks and the 32-bit color depth in combo would just torpedo my renders. So far in Build 521, I've had no problems, though I got nervous as I watched my 8GB of memory get chewed up.



farss wrote on 1/28/2012, 11:55 PM
This sounds like some good news. Still going by the issues you had during editing things are far from perfect.

Oddly enough I cannot recall ever having a render fail in any version of Vegas.
Crashes during editing were also unheard of years ago.

cspvideo wrote on 1/29/2012, 10:52 AM
My experiences are similar. Much less crash prone with this build. I hit one when I pre-rendered a long segment I wanted to view. It's crashed several times when I used pre-render although not every time.

However, it isn't crashing when editing a variety of different HD formats and rendering to a variety of different HD formats as a project just required.

Although I've not experienced a new problem with this build with the software replacing media I did notice that when I opened an older veg file where it had happened the same two scenes were replaced with the same, wrong media.

I made the changes to the correct media and saved to 11 and the changes seem to have stuck.

I haven't had a project where I need to use the New Blue Titler since this build release. The graphics incorporated, including titles, were supplied as PSD files from Photoshop. I will be interested to see what happens then.

I am not yet removing 10 from my system and can't because I teach at a college where we offer Vegas as one of the editing options for students and 11 was released after the semester began. As a practice we do not change versions in the middle of an academic year, but our plan is to update in May, probably just in time for them to relase version 12! :-)

Paul Conti
Grazie wrote on 1/29/2012, 1:36 PM
Steve, ditto your experience. Rendering is blistering.

I've gotten to Edit in VP10, and then chance a render in VP11. I've stopped editing in VP11 in front of a client . . . nooooooo . . . VP10 is stable for me.