First Track Number greater than 1; weird bug

ChristoC wrote on 7/9/2014, 8:55 PM
If I make a 'normal' CDText CD, once it is burnt I can happily re-import the CD thru CDArchitect ("Extract Audio from CD") - these CDs also play quite happily in Windows Media Player (V11 here).


If I make the same CDText CD which has had, say, Track 21 specified as the First Track Number (in Project Properties | CD tab | "First track number on disc" = 21), once it is burnt there is no way to re-import thru CDArchitect ("Extract Audio from CD"); the "Extract Audio" dialog shows no Tracks, etc.... the CD 'seems' blank - these CDs also NOT play in Windows Media Player; they will play on various commercial CD players, with varying results as to Track numbering - some show Tracks 21-38 correctly, some just Tracks 1-18 .....

This would appear to be a bug. see [Incident: 140709-000108]

{for those wondering why on earth I want to start the CD Track numbering at 21, it is because it is CD2 of a set; the first CD contains Tracks 1-20; the record company has requested 2nd CD has sequential track numbering, just the same as some commercial CDs they have seen... and had mastered elsewhere... )