FIXED: V6.0b -Net Render node refuses to work

Liam_Vegas wrote on 6/2/2005, 12:37 PM
I've finally got around to setting up network rendering under v6.0b (I have a project that really needs it). NR works great on 3 of my machines.

I have a new Toshiba laptop computer onto which I have just installed V6.0b and on this node only I cannot get it to render anything using either distributed or non-distributed network rendering.

As a test I simply initiated a non-distributed render of a small segment of an AVI file via this new box. The render node gets the job and loads up it's instance of Vegas to run the render... but then it just sits there and does nothing (no CPU usage related to this). It's status stays at "Starting" and never changes.

There is no firewall setup on this laptop (I have disabled it).

*in case you are curious... yes I do have two licenses of V6 - which is why I have four network rendering nodes (technically I could have up to 6 - 3 for each license)

I'm going to submit a support request to Sony on this one as well.

UPDATE: Called this one in to Sony and was walked through the solution. I had to modify the computer name so that it included the fully qualified host name - including suffix. So in my case the computer was something like my_laptop and the suffix (via my ISP) is In My Computer it only showed the first part (my_laptop) and I had to just add on the suffix. That cured it.

Odd this should be needed... as on all my other machines (3 others used for network rendering) none of the have the domain suffix in the computer name either.


Liam_Vegas wrote on 6/2/2005, 11:03 PM
More stuff on this.

I have uninstalled V6.0b... then also uninstalled all the .Net framework stuff... re-installed it all... and this computer still cannot do network rendering.

What's more is that it also fails if I initiate a non-distributed network render from the actual PC itself (rather than submitting a job to it remotely).