Flac Files Crash CDA

SlynRobbie wrote on 8/30/2009, 12:24 PM
I save sound files to flac files using SoundForge 9e. If I save metadata with the flac file, CDA 5.2d crashes when I try to add it to the timeline. If I do not save metadata with the file it loads OK. Because I use my flac files with a personal audio player (Cowon S9) I would like the flac files to contain the metadata (title, artist, etc.). This could be a SoundForge problem, but I'm wondering if this problem has been encountered by anyone else (and was there a fix?).

This has stated happening in the last six months. I haven't changed anything in my audio setup or Sony Software. However, MS patches have been many in the last six months, e.g., IE7 to IE8. Running Vista Ultimate.


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