Flickery dissolves

celkins wrote on 2/9/2001, 10:32 AM
About 50% of the dissolves and cross fades I attempt look
very electronic and flickery--not smooth at all! For
instance: I was doing some white credits over black. I
wanted to create some flashes between the credits, so I
went into Photoshop and made a white image file (*.PSD)
that was 720 by 480 and inserted it sporadically in
the 'Video Overlay" section of the timline over and in
between my credits. I trimmed it to one frame before doing
so and then just cut and pasted it where the beat of the
music peaked. Some of the flashes worked and some looked
like only the upper or lower half of the screen flashed.
When I go back and look at the rendered project frame by
frame, the frames look clean, but it plays back with the
flickers on my computer. This is true and consistent
regardless of machine I play the file back on. I work in
the NTSC DV template at the highest quality settings. The
way I'm getting this to tape (VHS) is by playing the file
full screen to a VCR using the regular Windows Media
player. (NOT ver7! I hate that thing!) I have not yet
tried "printing to tape" as described in the manual. Would
that fix the problem?

I'm using a PIII 550MHz with 256M Ram using an ATI All in
Wonder 128 om W'98. I leave at least 10G free on my disk
at all times. (SCSI, but not dedicated)



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