db wrote on 1/19/2001, 12:43 PM
i have a dell 4100 P933 with pyro 1394 card .. i'm using
maxtor 80gig drives... have 80gig on secondary as master ,
have PCI ata 100 card with 2 80 gigs as master on each
channel, & have 80gig firewire drive ... it all works ..
just about out of HD space ,about to get another 80gig
firewire drive ..

i do NOT record or render to firewire drive, i
record/render to internal drives then transfer files to
firewire drive...
win2k assigned 7 devices to share IRQ 9 a few times that i
captured to firewire drive windows shut down saying
something about IRQ ?? overload ??

chris talsness wrote:
>>i am running vegas audio on a new dell pIII 866. does
>>anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of external
>>drive i should record to? has anyone out there had
>>with a firewire hd on a PC?
>>thank you