Forum feature request

Kennymusicman wrote on 2/28/2008, 6:56 AM
I get the odd email from people saying something along lines of "thanks, your idea solved my problem" etc. Which is nice and great, but it doesn't let anyone else know that the problem is now solved. It would be even better if there was a way of marking a thread on the forum as "solved" or highlighting a generally accepted solution.
Also, perhaps a sticky top10 FAQ at the top, because how many times does chroma keying come up for example.


rs170a wrote on 2/28/2008, 7:13 AM
Another vote for a Top 10 FAQ.
There are a lot of questions that come up all the time (especiallly with newbies) that could be handled by saying "read FAQ #5".

Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/28/2008, 7:42 AM

How about getting the forum we have fixed, before asking for new features?

Kennymusicman wrote on 2/28/2008, 8:17 AM
Almost - and it's why I've mentioned this now. . With the response to the forum search feature, if they're going to make changes, they might as well know what features to add at the same time, and deal with it at the same time if possible..
Larry Clifford wrote on 2/28/2008, 9:56 AM
I have a suggestion.

1) Have a section where we can ask questions about the use of the forum or make suggestions to add to it.

I have only Sound Forge and normally would not be browsing this section. I found this only by accident.

2) Have a section called "Off Topic" or something similar. That would be for topics not associeated with any particular program. Some that come to mind are:
a) What do you look like. I doub there are many entires from the Sound Forge users. They have faces also.
b) Microsoft being sued.
c) Sharper Image going bankrupt.
d) Clean jokes, emphasis on clean.

Just my 2 cents.

jrazz wrote on 2/28/2008, 11:38 AM
I too would like for the search to work.

Other than that, I like the simplicity of it. I think it promotes discussion and help. As for answering the same questions over and over... well, I think it just reinforces and brings things to mind that maybe I have let slip. There are always new facets revealed each time an old question comes up. I think the way this is set up sets it apart from other forums and that is a good thing. I hope the forum never gets a "email me when the thread is updated" button. I think that is a killer when it comes to discussion and browsing the forum for new posts.

j razz
Jim H wrote on 2/28/2008, 7:50 PM
I'm going to subscribe to this thread so when a Sony guy replies with a timeline on when they'll give a hoot about this forum, I'll be notified by email and won't miss it.

Did that sound angry? I promised myself I would be more positive this year...good karma...good karma...