Frame by frame view (1 frame)

TDolce wrote on 4/30/2003, 9:19 PM
Well I finally made it to Vegas!!! All long time Premiere user, I finally just threw in the towel with AP because of too many goofy crashes and lost projects etc. As I began my new and scary venture into the land of Vegas, I immediately ran into a scratch my head incident that is making me crazy!!! How do I get the timeline to reflect a frame by frame view rather than the abridged view default in which I absolutely detest!? I tried shrinking it down, but all that did was make the shortened view harder to see. I like having that frame by frame view rather than second by second view. I have no troubles with much of this right out of the gate and I love the rock solid behavior of 4.0.



filmy wrote on 4/30/2003, 9:27 PM
If you mean seeing each frame on the timeline you zoom in all the way, or at least until you see each frame. is that what you mean?
BillyBoy wrote on 4/30/2003, 10:18 PM
For me, viewing at a moderately high resolution (1280x1024) on a 18 inch monitor I find that clicking on the timeline anywhere, then clicking the keyboard up arrow two or three times zooms in the timeline just right. If you want more, just click the up arrow a few more times. Still more expand the track height too in the header area.

riredale wrote on 4/30/2003, 11:00 PM
Welcome to the other side. This is a very powerful program, and I am always learning new things. This board is also very useful, and seems to be populated with intelligent and helpful folks. If you haven't tried the "search" function yet, you'll discover that there is a LOT of accumulated wisdom here.
teknal wrote on 4/30/2003, 11:55 PM
I found that ctrl-up_arrow zooms in on the timeline so that each press of the left and right arrow moves the cursor one frame. The timeline still display every few frames though. (It took me 7 taps on the up_arrow after that to get one preview frame per video frame). ctrl-down_arrow goes all the way out.
SonyDennis wrote on 5/2/2003, 5:55 PM
Alt+Up Arrow (repeatedly) will stop when all frames are shown for visible video events.

Alt+Left/Right Arrow move the cursor single frames regardless of zoom.