Frame edit

johnmeyer wrote on 4/2/2001, 8:08 PM
I'm obviously doing something stupid. I want to edit at an
exact frame. I press Alt-Right Arrow to move forward one
frame at a time. I then press "S" to split the frame at the
transition from one scene to another. However, I end up
with one frame from the previous scene at the beginning of
the next scene. So ... I undo and go forward one frame, but
this time I get one frame from the next scene at the end of
the last scene.

This is pretty basic stuff, and it has worked for me
before. I tried exiting and re-starting VF, but no luck.
All three snap options are enabled, but I've tried changing
them, and no luck. I even went into full magnification, and
then used the right and left arrows by themselves to move
in sub-frame increments. No luck.

What am I doing wrong?


John Meyer


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