framing/panning a high-resolution still

jtuffen wrote on 11/18/2003, 7:36 AM
What is the easiest way of setting a 1:1 pixel ratio between a high-res still (let's say 1600x1200) and a video presentation (say 480x576). I have a plan to do some panning around some still images - if I simply import the images, they get placed into the video frame 'full' - i.e. you can see all of the source image. I just want to see 480x576 (for example) and pan around to get to the rest of the image...

I'm afraid that that isn't clear :(



Steve Grisetti wrote on 11/18/2003, 8:28 AM
Since you plan to pan and zoom on your still, you are wise to use an image that is of higher resolution than the standard video resolution of 650 x 480 since you're only going to use a portion of the picture.

Once you've dropped the image on your Timeline, click on the FX button in the corner and choose the Pan/Crop tab. By stretching, compressing and moving the "F" frame around, you'll control how much of your still actually shows on screen. Set one position for your Beginning, then press the End button and set the final position. (Higher end editing programs let you set more complex movements, but Screenblast lets you set only the beginning and end point.) To slow or speed the movement, stretch or compress your still on the Timeline.

When you Make Movie, Screenblast will render it all to the necessary resolution.

If my math is right, you should be able to zoom in to your 1600 x 1200 still to nearly 1/3 of the horizontal and 1/3 of the vertical size of your image before your picture will "pixelate."

Hope that helps!