nlamartina wrote on 4/4/2001, 9:33 PM
I was pleasantly surprised to find the content CD had some
pretty nice stuff on it. There are a lot of short clips of
moving clouds, elapsed-time-photography, fire, water, and
misc doodads. As VideoFactory lacks advanced compositing
power, you can't do TOO much fancy FX with them, but they
make sweet transitions. Also included are some music beds,
SFX, and bitmaps. Plus, the quality of the media isn't
shabby. Above NTSC MPEG-1 resolution. Not DV quality, but
the birates are nice and high, so even on a DV camcorder
the quality is just awesome. In comparison, it beat the
pants off my VideoWave III content CD from MGI (Not that I
use that program anymore. I mean, honestly...)

Anyway, yeah, good stuff, to answer your question. I don't
think you can buy the content CD outright, but seeing as
VideoFactory is being offered for free after rebates at
places like CompUSA and Circuit City, you'd probably do
just fine buying the program, keeping the content and
tossing the CD. Either way, you've got options. =)

Nick LaMartina
Urk wrote on 4/4/2001, 11:42 PM
Hey, thanks for the info. Sounds like the CD has just the
kind of stock footage that might come in handy from time to

So, SF folks, I bought your big, expensive Vegas Video
program, and I think it's cooler than sliced bread. Can I
please buy your content CD?