Full Functioning DVD Menu from Photoshop

Dot wrote on 4/25/2019, 9:02 PM

Occasionally I see posts about creating a DVD menu in Photoshop. Some people seem to think you still have to use the buttons within DVD with a PS created Menu. The help file within DVDA is confusing at best. Here is a sample PS Created Menu that has all functions (button, highlight, etc) within DVDA.

The Framemask layers are a hidden rectangle that defines the HOT area for the buttons. This is most useful if using the menu on a computer where the mouse is clicking rather than using the remote on a standalone player. The arrrows are created using the shape tool in PS and layered as HIGHLIGHTS. They show up as you move up and down thru the menu.

The biggest issue is proper naming of layers. Note, the background and text is all one one layer. There are other ways to do this, but this is a relatively simple way. If this is helpful to you or you have any questions, please comment.




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