Full resolution stills from video

ScorpioProd wrote on 7/8/2007, 10:50 PM
How do I capture/render a still in Vegas 7 from DV clips? Or HDV for that matter?

When I use the capture still to clipboard function on the monitor window, it is only giving me the resolution of the preview window. That seems rather silly to me, but OK... How does one capture to full resolution? I don't see any still formats in the Render As panel.



farss wrote on 7/8/2007, 10:56 PM
Change the preview monitor to Best / Full and then capture the still. Problem solved. Even if you can't see the full frame Vegas will write all the pixels to the file.

rmack350 wrote on 7/8/2007, 11:41 PM
New for Vegas 7. Scale preview. This gives you a full frame buffer to capture stills from even when you preview at less than full frame size.

Vegas captures a frame out of graphics memory for stills. This is the root of this silly problem. When you preview, you don't necessarily have a full rez frame in the buffer.

Rob Mack
dibbkd wrote on 7/9/2007, 3:11 AM
"New for Vegas 7. Scale preview."

Is this an option when previewing, or were you saying that Vegas 7 does this automatically?

I show "auto, quarter, half, full" options for "draft, preview, good, best".

JeffreyPFisher wrote on 7/9/2007, 1:42 PM
To de-interlace the still cap - set your Project Properties to Progressive temporarily while you grab stills,

UKAndrewC wrote on 7/9/2007, 3:25 PM
There is a script that switches to full screen, cuts the clipboard and then switches back again.