FX1 footage back to camera?

Barry_Green wrote on 12/4/2004, 4:37 PM
I've searched here, and at CineForm's site, in their forum, their FAQ, etc, and either I'm blind as a bat or I can't find it.

How do you make transport streams that can play back to the FX1? Can you even do that yet?

I've got the CineForm ConnectHD and Vegas 5.0b. I can import and view footage, including the original transport streams. Editing and piecing something together is no problem.

The question is, how do you render it out? MainConcept can make transport streams, and ConnectHD will try to send 'em to the camera, but the camera refuses to accept them. There must be some "recipe" for settings that will make an HDV-compliant transport stream. On CineForm's site I could only find a reference to a JVC HD1 recipe, but couldn't find any indication of what you're supposed to do to make an FX1-compatible 1080i clip.

Anyone know how to output a .ts from Vegas 5.0 that can be sent back to the camera?


Spot|DSE wrote on 12/4/2004, 9:52 PM
You currently can't do this with Connect HD or Vegas. Cineform has said they'll have this available in a future update.
FrankFarian wrote on 12/5/2004, 10:57 PM
But you can use Edius pro 3 or new Ulead HD plugin that supports Sony FX1, Barry...

maybe Sony will wake up and offer free patch for Vegas 5 users in time for Christmas? Just a hint, guys...