FYI - Ver 8.1 And 10.a Together - Problems

Stringer wrote on 11/17/2010, 8:56 AM
Just an FYI .

I installed Vegas Pro 10 on my Win7 64 machine, and left 8.1 in place..
8.1 Was working fine before I installed 10 .

While I have encountered no problems with 10,( except for what I will reveal
shortly ) 8.1 can no longer display the .avi's I captured with the Sony capture
application, before and after I installed 10.
So, I decided to un-install 8.1, just to reduce unnecessary clutter on my SSD,
and then, when I loaded my project files into 10, I started getting warnings
about missing plug-ins.

Rather than fussing with replacing the missing plug-ins, I have decided to do
a system restore to a point before I un-installed 8.1, and just let it take up the extra space..

I must say I am impressed with the Win7 imaging utility; Using it was fast & painless..


Steve Mann wrote on 11/17/2010, 9:11 AM
This makes no sense. Each installation of Vegas is completely separate from the others and you can have every version of Vegas installed on one PC. They don't affect each other.
rmack350 wrote on 11/17/2010, 9:14 AM
It sounds like 10a installed some components that weren't really compatible with 8.1, and then 8.1 removed them when it was uninstalled. Reinstalling 10a probably would have solved it but if the system restore did the trick...

Definitely back up all your old 8.1 project files. Don't overwrite them with 10a versions.

Rob Mack
rmack350 wrote on 11/17/2010, 9:15 AM
When you say you installed 10a I assume you mean that you installed the 64-bit version.

Stringer wrote on 11/17/2010, 9:49 AM
Yes, 10a64 ..

The .avi problem, would seem to have something to do with a 10a installing a codec that 8.1 doesn't like..

The audio is OK, but the video appears red on the time line..
jetdv wrote on 11/17/2010, 12:27 PM
Stringer, I have 8.1, 9.0e-64 and 10.a-64 all installed on one machine and they all three can open and use the same DV files.
Stringer wrote on 11/17/2010, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the info .

I may put in a support request to find out why my DV is coming up red in 8.1 ..
Stringer wrote on 11/19/2010, 9:43 AM
OK, I found out that " MS DV " was checked in preferences .. When I unchecked this, my red video cleared up ..

Next problem

I had also installed DVDA 5.2 on top of 5.0

I un-installed 5.0 - and now my .AC3 templates for DVDA do not work.. It tells me I have to install and register DVDA ..

Oh, well . I will un-install and re-install DVDA 5.2 again ..

While these problems are self inflicted, they still indicate an underlying problem with checking that is done by the application during install and removal..
ushere wrote on 11/19/2010, 8:41 PM
While these problems are self inflicted, they still indicate an underlying problem with checking that is done by the application during install and removal..

i agree entirely - though i learnt my lesson quite some time ago. all works smoothly UNTIL you decide to uninstall a previous version, after which everything goes to cock.

why one would want to remove a previous version is a moot point. but if you did, it should do so WITHOUT affecting a later version, which vegas does not do.

when i want to remove a previous version (which i only do AFTER i'm certain the version i'm using is stable, etc., and i really have no need for it), i simply delete it's folder, run reg cleaner and call it quits. works fine so far.....