Geoff Wood: V10 Track Grouping

WarmGlow wrote on 10/11/2010, 1:37 PM

Geoff_Wood wrote:

"Wish Track Grouping had a Mute button for each group. Or even better full Folder Track functionality"

I noticed, in V10, when I create a track group I can then single click on the header (if you double click the group header lets you rename the group) at which point i can push "x" on the keyboard and mute the entire group. I know this doesn't count as full track grouping functionality. However, can you describe how it could be better? Maybe some improvements to what i describe above (or what it is I fail to grasp) could be implemented by means of scripts.
I was going to reply in the video thread, where u posted, but i didn't want the post to get lost in the shuffle


rraud wrote on 10/12/2010, 8:03 AM
In addition rendering BWF files are now possible. Also non-destructive single event processing.
Thanks SCS, can we have OMF file support and side-chaining?
Maybe SCS is paying attention after all.
WarmGlow wrote on 4/11/2011, 11:38 AM
April 11th 2011 11am
Wow, looks like Geoff Wood got his feature request answered. How does it feel to be heard? :D

"New Features in Vegas™ Pro 10.0d

Improved Track Grouping Workflow – Improvements to track grouping include new mute/solo technology to help users isolate and work with specific tracks while mixing."
Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/12/2011, 2:38 AM
And I hadn't even noticed - ah oh , I see "coming".