Getting *.avi onto CD-R

fuzzzzy wrote on 7/25/2002, 3:46 PM
Somebody please give me a solution on how to geta one hour PAL DV avi ont one or more CD's
I was thinking of possibly rendering to MPEG 1 and splitting into 3 seperate files

I have done some test and found that:-

Approx 36meg of PAL avi gives a 2.6 meg MPEG2 file, alternativly it gives a 1.6meg MPEG1 file. of which the quality is acceptable.
HOw would I split the 1 hour avi into sections of mpeg, or is there a better way to burn it to CD-R.
It should be able to be viewed on most PC's


Chienworks wrote on 7/25/2002, 4:06 PM
Assuming you're going for the 2.6GB MPEG-2 version, you'll need 4 CDs to hold it. You will need to pick 3 places in your video to break for switching to the next CD. You will probably want to choose points that are on scene changes, but since 2.6GB will almost completely fill 4 CDs you won't have a whole lot of choice. Your breaks will have to be very close to 25%, 50% and 75% of the way through the timeline. Place Markers at these points. It is then simple to double-click between the first pair of markers and render to MPEG checking the "Render loop region only" option. This will generate a file that contains only the first quarter of the video (and if you've chosen the break point well, it should fit on a CD). After the first quarter is rendered, double-click between the next pair of markers to render the second quarter, etc.
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/25/2002, 4:36 PM
Thanks Chienworks,
I'm thinking of using the mpeg1 as the quality is not that bad.
Bsides Mpeg are there any other options ?

I've tried quicktime, but it really sucks when compared to mpeg.
Chienworks wrote on 7/25/2002, 5:27 PM
Well, if you know that people will be watching this on Windows based PCs, WMV isn't bad at the higher bitrates. In fact, you can just about fit the full hour on one CD at 3Mbps if you select two-pass encoding (the average will be less than 3Mbps) and you get full 640x480 resolution. Try a sample and see if you like it.
fuzzzzy wrote on 7/25/2002, 5:41 PM
Hmmm..i keep on getting oxc00d0bc2 (mesage missing) error when trying ti render to wmv8 (OS winXP NTFS)

any suggestions ?