Getting Bezier Mask variables through a script for stabilization aid

Fo-san wrote on 12/5/2020, 11:18 AM

I've been recently fiddling with stabilization plugins in Vegas Pro 18, but some of the results haven't been as good as I've hoped. From what I've seen I believe Motion Tracking and passing the appropriate values to Bezier Making plug-in might help me get better results. I wish to use these values and make a script that locks the motion tracked spot on specific coordinates and get a stabilized video through this method

But before that I'd like to know how I can access the values of a clip's Bezier Mask, the script documentation has been vague enough that I think asking from other people might be a quicker option. And I'm aware of at least one previous script with a similar purpose, but I haven't gotten that to work and I'd like to learn more about Vegas scripting anyway


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