Getting Power Point files (.JPEG) on to Vegas 12 timeline.

daniel-s7451 wrote on 9/5/2019, 8:59 AM

So up against a wall here. Decided to add slides in post from two days of presentation that I have recorded, about eight hours.

Have done this before with Snagit. years ago. This time they won't go. Any suggestion. Trying to recall workflow. Three hundred PP slides, Most efficient workflow. Think I used copy/paste but that's not working.


rraud wrote on 9/5/2019, 10:02 AM

I also do projects with 'more than a few' Power Point (PP) slides

- Open the <.pptx> file in Power Point> *
- Go to the File menu>
- Choose "Export> Change File Type">
- Select Image File Type and double-click PNG. (JPEG can be used, but PNG is usually recommended by the 'deep thinkers')
You can select only the slides you wish to export  or just choose 'All", Either way it is fast.

* Earlier versions of PP do not have the option to export slides, only the image itself as I recall.
If you do not have PP, there are on-line converters available, but the free sites are limited by the number of slides or overall file size. Screen shots are another option, but very time consuming if there are a large number slides.

daniel-s7451 wrote on 9/5/2019, 10:55 AM

Hey rraud. Was using older version of PP. Used wife's machine with success. And now the work begins. I like to do it this way. Light the speaker, and add slides in post. Better quality than shooting with two cameras as screens/projectors can sometimes look poor even when trying to match. Not something I want to put my name to. Anyway, a huge THANK YOU. Means a lot. Have a great day!

RonB_USA wrote on 9/5/2019, 4:22 PM

daniel-s7451 and rraud:

You mentioned that older PowerPoint programs may not do this. If needed, here is an example of an older PowerPoint (PPT) program (from Office 2007) and how to easily package all slides of an entire PowerPoint presentation to Import into the VEGAS Pro project media bin.

1- In the PowerPoint program's Clipboard on the left, highlight Slide #1, then go down and highlight the last Slide while holding the Shift key. That should highlight all slides no matter how many you have in the presentation.

2- Go to Save As and then choose Other Formats.

3- Using the Save As Type, drop down and select PNG (*.png) and Save.

4- All Slides are now in .png (photo) format and in a new folder with the same name as the presentation. Using Import Media, highlight all slides in that new folder and select Open to drop all of them at once into your VEGAS Pro project. Very quick and easy.

Importing multiple presentations: The only downside is that (in this Office version) they are named Slide 1 to Slide n (n=last). When you Import another folder of slides they are also named the same. So you will have to change the numbers before Importing. Otherwise, VEGAS Pro will just replace the former slides with the new ones. There may be ways in newer Office versions to merge presentations before conversion so that the numbers are correct.

RonB_USA wrote on 9/5/2019, 4:36 PM

Using Pan/Crop or Picture In Picture, you can superimpose your slides over the video of your screen as long as something is not in front of the screen. Any angle or position. Your viewers will wonder how you got such great video of the screen. It produces a result even better than what the original audience saw on the screen during the original presentation. I've received lots of good comments doing this. Another advantage is that it never takes the attention away from the presenter who is also in the shot. They usually glance toward the screen or even point. So it completes the continuity and the overall dimension of the room. I know that this is "old hat" to many, but it is now much easier with VEGAS Pro's newest PIP quick features. You adjust it right on the preview screen.

rraud wrote on 9/6/2019, 10:31 AM

I do what @RonB_USA suggests, inserting the PP slides over the washed out screen projection. (see below screen A-B shot) I also use the slides full screen since it is a single locked-off PTZ camera run by a staffer and the picture quality is not very good to begin with. The audio is b'cast quality however... It's a lecture.
I set up the audio system which feeds the Data Video HDR-70 rack mount recorder. The client sends me the video and PP files on a thumb drive.

RonB_USA wrote on 9/7/2019, 1:35 PM

I also see nothing wrong with completely covering up the screen with a larger slide. You've obviously received permission to use the slides when they agreed to give you a set of the slideshow files, so you can make them any size you want. And most people visually know what PIP is. It also gives the illusion that you may have used two cameras. Here is the idea in this photo... (your slides would look sharper because I enlarged this)

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daniel-s7451 wrote on 9/11/2019, 9:53 AM

Thanks guys. Worked fine. Now I am trying to get several videos on TL. Capture using Snagit.Years ago i did this successfully with click and drag. Not now. Downloaded Snagit update, still can't figure out how to get mp4 files onto timeline. Any suggestions?

daniel-s7451 wrote on 9/12/2019, 9:55 AM

So, I have figured out how to drag video clips from Snagit to Vegas 12
timeline. Most go fine, but occassionally, and for now reason I can figure, the video track is green>

AmazingM wrote on 9/13/2019, 3:41 AM


If you do a lot of work with PP slides and video and you have an earlier version of "Sony" Vegas Pro say from version 12 back Singular Software who Red Giant bought out had an excellent plugin called Presto which was created for PP and video presentations. One imports the PP slides (as JPEG's or PNG's) and the video of the presenter and also a B roll video of say the audience if need be. It has pan and crop and will also track the presenter if they moved around the stage either as is or apply the software's cookie cutter effect, then click on a few other alternative ways the software will give you and off it goes to do its magic. This software is an immense time-saver as it speeds up ones workflow considerably .. . . Shame though that it is no longer available....but... if you look carefully on the net you may be able to find it ....But as I mentioned it will only work as a plugin with "Sony" Vegas Pro.Unless someone knows a way to direct it as a plugin in the Magix Vegas Pro..

daniel-s7451 wrote on 9/16/2019, 2:06 PM

Many thanks.

Project is delivered.