Ghost DVD burned. What happened?

BillyBoy wrote on 1/16/2005, 8:16 AM
This is a first... for me. After burning hundreds of DVD's with DVD-A with no problem had this weird expereince. Process went along normally, the disc popped out after the burn, DVD-A said it was successful, tried to play disc, kept spinning. Ditto for a few other players. Went to play it on a couple PC's and here's the weird part there is nothing, I mean zip on the disc. No files, no folders, nothing, yet flipping the disc over you clearly see something was "burned". I've had my share of CD's and one DVD before that wouldn't play correctly, but there were always files you could see, this is first time the disc appears "burned" yet Windows can't see a thing on the disc.

What happened? Right clicking on the file in Windows Explorer shows zero used, zero free and zero capacity.