Glitches during Print to Tape & Preview on Camera

nclark wrote on 4/5/2001, 8:03 AM
After four weeks of frustration, I finally got Print to Tape to work. The problem now is sporatic glitches that
appear as partial pixelated frames of gray on the camera's viewscreen during recording. When played back, it
appears as though a frame was dropped here and there. This can be video and audio, or just audio. I saw a
reference to post # 218, but what does an MPEG-2 plug-in have to do with printing back to the same media
from which the video was captured? Yes, I enabled DMA. Yes, it was rendered as NTSC-DV. I downloaded
DirectX 8.0, but that doesn't work. I'm currently using Win98 SE - even though I am aware of the problem with
the 4GB file size limit, but I tried using Windows ME and I couldn't Print to Tape! I set my virtual memory so that
both the minimum and maximum is 522, which is no improvement over the "auto" default. Are there any other
tweaks out there? Computer is a 1GHz AMD Athlon, 128 MB RAM, with two 30GB HDs.


SonyEPM wrote on 4/5/2001, 10:01 AM
I've seen this before and it is likely a bus throughput
issue. Blocky grey chunks during print...

Updating your video display driver may help- I'd try that

Also: You need to keep your video card and your drives on
different IRQs. Microsoft has online help for this-