Going to buy a new sound card for a friend - advice wanted!

FP wrote on 6/1/2000, 12:12 PM
Hey folks,

My cube neighbor here at work is a budding DAW enthusiuast.
I turned him on to the DAW concept over the other options
for the reasons we're all aware of.

So here's the thing, he know wants to get a good soundcard
and has some money to spend - $500. What can I get him
thats worth getting? Quality converters and a dedicated
break out box for inputs are the two must haves.

I would tell him to get a GadgetLabs Wave8 - which I use
and am very happy with - except I wish it had some sort of
signal routing the way the event cards, and others, did so
he won't have to map inputs to outputs in order to hear all
the tracks through his monitors. By this I mean, if I plug
a keyboard into input #4 I must have output #4 connected -
I cannot send input #4 to output #7 for example on a Wave
8. Of course, the newest MOTU card looks AWESOME but is
well out of ihs range.

So, what are ya'all using and would you recommend it?

Many thanks!



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