Good/Bitrates etc.

alfredsvideo wrote on 9/5/2003, 5:12 PM
My apologies for cross posting. My question concerns both Vegas and Architect.
I have a one and a half hour movie. when I go to "Render As", I am choosing Mpg2 and AC-3. In the custom template, with the "Project" tab, I am choosing "Good" as the rendering quality. With the "Video" tab, I have chosen: Vbr: Max 8000,000; Average:6000,000; Average:192,000. This is giving me an unworkable 107 percent of disc space when I take it into Architect. What should my settings be? I would have thought that choosing "Good" instead of "Best" would have taken care of everything.
Thanks for any help.


farss wrote on 9/5/2003, 5:54 PM
The Good / Best has no influence on file size when encoding to mpeg.
It controls how VV does transformations from memory. Good means it uses something like linear and best uses precise bicubic. If you don't have any frames being resized or panned ie pixels being remapped it makes no difference.
The maximum and average values for bitrate do. If you drop the maximum down to say 7M and average down to 5M it will fit, you could possibly adjust those values a little to get in closer to the maximum space to get the absolute best quality encode.

Alterntively you can use DVDA to calculate the bitrates to fit and let it do the encode but I don't think it gives you quite as much flexibility.