Green Screen

UKharrie wrote on 3/22/2016, 6:24 PM
Also Chroma-Keying
This can be useful to replicate action being somewhere else....other than in a makeshift studio.
However, recently I filmed some sequences where the camera was too wide for the screen - and now I don't want to Pan/Crop into the shot.
I've tried making "Garbage Matte" using solid colour with Pan/Crop to fit into the offending area - but I can't combine this with the green-screen in the movie clip - I have matched the colour, using the colour Picker, so I don't think it's the wrong colour or shade.
I know in Final Cut you can draw a Bezier-curve round parts of a scene and Fill them ( with Green in this instance ) - and I suspect Vegas PRO has a similar facility.

How do I get something like this in SMS?

I've bought a wider Green Screen, but wonder if there is an EDIT fix?
When I put a small piece of solid-colour on a track above the scene, it just doesn't want to combine "as one" - placed below, it removes the scene ( least that is what I'm understanding - it's rather confusing ).

Of course the wider green screen will create a lighting problem . . . . . but at least the Editing should be easier, when all have gone home.


Former user wrote on 3/22/2016, 6:58 PM
Generally, you don't want to add another green element. You need to "cut-out" around the parts that don't have a chroma key effect and replace with the background.

Look into using the cookie cutter.

Vegas Pro does have a mask to help with this situation.