Half of first song not written?

doctorfish wrote on 5/16/2002, 8:00 PM
I just burned my first cd with CD Architect, but for some reason the first half
of the first song was not written. The CD starts in the middle of the song and goes
from there. This has screwed up my track ID's too. Track changes now come in the
middle of each subsequent song. My track ID adjustments and crossfades are still
there but, they're just written as being part of a song and not the ending or
beginning of a track.

Since it's my first burn with CD Architect, I know I must have done something wrong,
but just can't figure out what. Has anyone had this happen before? I couldn't
find anything while searching the forum.

I'm using 4.0g with a HP 9200 Plus cd writer in Win 98 SE.




doctorfish wrote on 5/19/2002, 10:17 PM


Has anyone else had this problem?

I've burnt 3 CD's and they all have the same problem.
The first track will start in the middle of the first song.
Fades, crossfades, and space between (what should be) tracks are
all written, but since the first track starts late, all the others track
ID's are screwed up as well.

I've read over the entire manual and can't find what I'm doing wrong.

Is this a hardware problem with my HP 9200 Plus?
Anyone else using this drive?
Any ideas?
Help . . . .
. . . . .

doctorfish wrote on 5/20/2002, 2:04 AM
No luck with CDP Burn either.

Got a new set of coasters now to give my wife for our anniversary.

Any ideas anyone?


doctorfish wrote on 5/21/2002, 1:56 AM
The read me file that comes with the 4.0g update of CDA lists support
for the HP 9200 plus cd writer, but the list of supported drives contained
in this website does not list the HP 9200 model.

Which document should I believe?
Given my experience thus far, it seems like the 9200
model was thought at one point to be compatible but was later
found to have problems.

SF reps: Is this true?

doctorfish wrote on 5/22/2002, 5:24 PM
Well, SF techs came through for me by sending me an old but updated
(considering the age of CDA) driver to mend the problem I was
having. So, for those of you who were silently worried regarding
my plight, you can now rest easy.