hard drive went AWOL and I got it back but????????

tas9195 wrote on 12/29/2008, 1:45 PM
I had an external hard drive that for some reason froze up one day while doing some work in vegas when I went to open the hard drive back up it said incorrect function cannot access, after 2 weeks of internet searching I figured out that it was a bad casing that my hard drive was stored (piece of crap). I took it out and installed as a slave drive on my system and "vaola" there was all my stuff. I tried opening up vegas and it opened but I got a message saying the media manager could not be used. Then I tried to open a veg. file that I had stored on there and it said that it wasn't a valid WIN32 file. What does this mean and is the file screwed up and lost. It was a couple of hours worth of work and I don't want to have to start over. I also learned a lesson not to keep the vegas software stored on an external hard drive. I couldn't access it the whole time, that sucked. I appreciate any help you can give me.


Tattoo wrote on 12/29/2008, 4:45 PM
Can't say if this is your problem, but I had an internal drive that had access problems. Any time I tried to transfer a relatively large amount of data it gave me an error ~5% of the way through and the computer required a reboot. Turns out this was the final days of that drive (a Seagate). I bought some hard drive software in an attempt to salvage data, but it was too far gone (head crash). Cost me $900 to retrieve my data (though only ~98% successful).

Since you've had problems with the drive both internally & externally, it makes me think your drive is heading in the same direction. If you need/want any of that data, I'd advise completely disconnecting that drive (power & data) & buying some drive software (I used Acronis Disk Director) to attempt a low-level recovery of data (copying to another drive). The drive is likely to get worse the more you continue to use it.

GenJerDan wrote on 12/29/2008, 4:59 PM
Not a valid Win32 file means the executable is corrupted, not the .veg file.

I'd reinstall Vegas...on some other drive.
tas9195 wrote on 12/30/2008, 7:12 AM
I do plan on buying a new hard drive and transferring everything over to it. I tried uninstalling vegas to reload it but when I go into add or remove and click remove it says the I drive is invalid. I drive is where it was located when I still had it in the case as an external. When I hooked the Hard Drive up to the computer as a slave it assigned it to the D drive. Now the computer won't uninstall it because it thinks it is still on the I drive and it can't find the I drive. I can't even put on another drive. It just says the media manager has been installed and that is all it does when I try to install it on another drive. Any idea how to get around this, or to fix the executable problem.
CWatkins wrote on 1/1/2009, 12:04 PM
You may have already tried this but changing the drive letter back to I might work. I do this for my external drive so I can swap projects between my computers.

Admin tools - Computer management - click Drives management in the left column- right click on drive you want to change the letter for and select "change drive letter and paths".

In XP I think the Admin tools are in the "accessories" folder of the start menu but in Vista I can only find my way in via control panel.

Hope this helps.