Has enyone else had encoding issues with DVD Arch

gwyador wrote on 8/23/2008, 10:05 AM
Greetings all, I loaded 5.0 up and have not been able to encode new files for dvd without them coming out flickery on the dvd and looking like the are missing one of the interlaced frames when the vob files are viewed on the PC. Now before anyone jumps in with "it's the media" or the Drive, I have thorughly ruled all elements out. in fact the only way I got back to writing successful dvd projects is to remove 5 and reinstall 4.5. has no one else had this issue? I am not making blueray discs just regular SD projects for now. I am really surprised and concerned if no one else has seen this because I went through a lot of media trying to rule out different brands of media as the cause. but old projects created before 5.0 was installed burned fine... crazy, if no one else has seen this it may be a fluke but I think it is a bug in 5.0.