Have found cheapest price for R300 OEM cartridges.

craftech wrote on 2/1/2004, 9:35 AM

$13.99 for the Epson black cartridge.
$9.99 for each of the 5 Epson color cartridges.

Still too much in my opinion. As I see it, the 5 cartridges are the equivalent of paying $50 for a single color cartridge. The 5 separate colors don't look any better than a 3 color single cartridge.



RexA wrote on 2/1/2004, 1:10 PM
Thanks for the link.

I agree that I can't see much difference between the R300 and my old 3-color 600 in print quality. I'm wondering how much the printer world resembles the razor marketing strategy. Sell the razor (handle) for next to nothing so you can get them buying the blades at premium prices.

I still haven't burned through my first set of cartridges on the R300 but it seems to be sucking them down faster than I remember on the 600. (Of course the old printer had no way to print on DVDs.) Ink definately adds to the "per-DVD" costs if you are printing onto them.
GaryKleiner wrote on 2/1/2004, 3:27 PM
Hey I just found a great deal on toothpaste at Walmart!

Can we please keep the forum more on topic?

Randy Brown wrote on 2/1/2004, 4:11 PM
With all due respect Gary, I beg to differ. This forum has helped me make many decisions on various OT topics (especially on buying equipment and software (such as Tsunami and Excalibur etc : )) that would be hard to research elsewhere. I do agree that "OT:" should have been placed in front of the topic but I would guess that John just forgot to do so.
craftech wrote on 2/1/2004, 6:37 PM
I certainly shouldn't have to justify posting this, but here is my reasoning. There is a long running thread regarding a Toms Hardware review of direct CD printers which brought up the subject of the R300.


Since many are interested in the printer and the subject of cartridge cost has been brought up several times, I thought I would mention my lowest price find in that thread. Then I got to thinking that many who own the printer and have already posted might not see it there. Since many of us on this forum don't wreak of independent wealth I figured that if I posted it as a separate subject many who appreciate such things would see it and be happy someone took the time to pass it along.

I have posted many bargains on this website and unless I am way off base there are enough people who don't feel that it is a waste of bandwidth to continue doing so.

I suppose I could put an OT in front of "bargain" posts for those who need further clarification as to the nature of the topic, except that I am not 100% convinced that helping others find ways to save money on things they need to buy to produce a professional looking video product in addition to expensive software and cameras IS off topic Gary. In fact it is less off topic than "XXXXX....Please e-mail me".


GaryKleiner wrote on 2/1/2004, 9:38 PM
I must confess that I was not following the thread on CD/DVD printer, and was thinking that the Epson R300 was just a regular ol' printer.

It was LESS off topic than I thought, but stil warrants an OT desgination as the aforementioned thread should also have.

Re: " In fact it is less off topic than "XXXXX....Please e-mail me"
So you went though months of my posts to find that? Pretty thin, and pretty pathetic. You also left out the OT that prefaced the heading.


craftech wrote on 2/2/2004, 5:55 AM
Perhaps a less condescending attitude would be more appreciated Gary. You've displayed it a few times here.


Jessariah67 wrote on 2/2/2004, 6:52 AM
As an R300 user, I'd like to say that the big difference is being able to replace one color, rather than the entire color cartridge when a color is spent. I also must say that, out of the box, I probably have printed over a hundred discs, full coverage, and probably another 50 full pages of colored art and still have all the original color cartridges in the machine. I wouldn't have gotten that kind of mileage out of my HP 3-color cartridge.
GaryKleiner wrote on 2/2/2004, 9:35 AM
>Perhaps a less condescending attitude would be more appreciated Gary. You've displayed it a few times here.<

I'll keep that in mind, John.

woodrose wrote on 2/2/2004, 10:01 AM
Damn Gary! I backed you up when forum members attacked you when you brought up your X program, I stated that anything that helps improve are work flow (even if he charges for the software) is helpful to the use of vegas. Well so is craftech,s research on the r300. Just like decks, camera, etc.. the end result is better production. Vegas is one of the tools in the middle of the process, just like your X software so is a printer that prints on DVD/CD,s. Infact I could live with out your software but I can't live with out a good DVD/CD printer. And Craftech we'll take you out behind the woodshed for not OT'ing your subject later just keep up the info. I have to go pack for a shoot at pebble beach, Oh sh"t I forgot that's off topic, I better get out of the sand box before the kid with the pony tail starts chucking sand in my eye's.