HD monitor -- need recommendation

Guy S. wrote on 1/17/2008, 5:39 PM
Looking to replace SD Sony broadcast CRT monitor with something that's HD and easy to interface with Vegas. It will also serve double-duty as my Mac Mini monitor for DVD authoring and as a playback monitor for testing burned DVDs in set-top players.

I've seen others here talking about a low-end Soyo monitor, but I'd like to get something that will work well without minimum hassle. I can live without a high-end broadcast monitor, but it needs to be pretty decent.

I'm considering Gateway's 24", which has received fairly decent reviews, especially for it scaling of external inputs. I've also read rave reviews about the new Dell and Samsung 24" displays, with the caveat that they scale external inputs poorly.

So, that said, any recommendations?


craftech wrote on 1/18/2008, 6:17 AM
Recommendation: Wait until next year or at least until next Christmas. All digital displays will come down in price because of the mandatory federal switch from analog to all digital broadcast effective Feb 18, 2009 (intentianlly postponed from it's original date of January , 2009 until after the "Superbowl").

As more and more people are made aware of this change, demand will go up and more and more competition will drive prices down thanks to a non-monopoly on the displays.

Guy S. wrote on 1/18/2008, 12:58 PM
Unfortunately I can't wait. I need something in the next couple of weeks.
David Settlemoir wrote on 1/18/2008, 2:43 PM
I am in the process of trying to do the same thing. One company I work with just bought one of the Panasonic 17" production monitors, but I don't want to spend $3K for a monitor right now (just ordered the parts for a new Quad core QX9650 system.) I am looking at the BM Intensity Pro (if it will ever work correctly with Vegas) for HDMI out to a monitor.

Of the LCD HDTVs I've looked at in a store, I'm most impressed with the Sharp Aquos 1080p models, but the smallest I've seen is a 37" and I'd like to find a 24" or 26". Another associate just bought a Best Buy Dynex 20" 720P DVD/HDTV combo (under $300) for his cabin and we hooked a Sony XDCAM 355L camcorder via HD-SDI through a BM HDLink with HDMI out and it looked just OK. I've got two more big SD projects to edit, then I'll probably be doing pretty much all HD (XDCAM and HDV) so I need to find something soon also.

Guy S. wrote on 1/18/2008, 3:57 PM
Vegas has an option to display the video on a secondary monitor via your graphics card. I've tried this and it works ok. This is how I plan to monitor video unless/until the BM card works reliably.

I've also seen the Aquos, but like you I want a 24" inch solution. I just learned that the Gateway 24" lacks HDMI input (it 1080p with HDCP through the DVI-D connection only).

The new Samsung 245 24" has DVI, HDMI, VGA, component, composite, and s-video, but no hardware scaling. This means that SD sources would look fairly bad unless they had upsampling built in. For computer use, this gets top marks. I need to see it before I buy it, though.
4eyes wrote on 1/18/2008, 6:49 PM
This means that SD sources would look fairly bad unless they had upsampling built in. For computer use, this gets top marks. I need to see it before I buy it, though.My ATI and NVidia cards connected to a HDTV upconvert or down convert the source material to whatever setting I'm running the HDTV at (the secondary display settings). So when playing SD video the cards output 1080i constant.

If your using software to playback commercial dvd's though this may be different. The software may force the card into 480p or no playback at all.
Not a problem for me because it works well as a monitor & file playback, or non-copyprotected standard dvd's or avchd disks.
I actually prefer the ATI over the Nvidia for driving a HDTV under Vista. There is also a difference in both ati & nvidia configurations when connecting secondard displays. On my system XP actually gives the best performance. With both cards there is a difference on how video is overlayed, fullscreen versus overlay. That's why I prefer the ATI cards, it's easier to setup, also better de-interlacing compared to my 8600GTS.

The ATI card I'm using now is a HD-2600XT-Pro PCI-e 16x ddr3 (512meg), HighDef acceleration for avc/h264 & mpeg2 including hardware de-interlacing (selectable).
Guy S. wrote on 1/21/2008, 3:39 PM
Thanks for your insight into ATI vs. Nvidia cards.
Yoyodyne wrote on 1/21/2008, 5:12 PM
I just had an experience that loosely relates so here goes...

I was looking for a 32 or 42 inch "client" monitor for my Vegas suite. I've got a Dell 24 and have been using it as my reference monitor but I'm going to re-purpose it as my main edit screen and wanted to get something bigger for a reference monitor. Something with a bit more client impact than the smaller Dell.

I took my JVC GY HD100 camera into our local Video Only and asked if I could try it out on a few monitors. The staff was very helpful, I think they were kind of curious, so we plugged the camera into the HD component inputs of a bunch of monitors.

My opinion, shared by the video only guys, is that consumer LCD monitors pretty much look the same. That being said they looked pretty good, I had a bunch of customers come over and asked them "how does that picture look." They were all really impressed, it did look a lot better than the HD store feed of the History Channel.

Fortunately the best image was also the cheapest, a 32 inch Toshiba, so mission accomplished I say. If the folks at video only were clients they would be very happy with how the footage looked on that monitor. Now it aint' a reference monitor in the proper sense but it's been my experience that with a bit of care it's "good enough" for the money, you just have to be aware of it's weakness's, and take it off blowtorch mode :)

KS_Bob wrote on 1/24/2008, 9:04 PM
If anyone is looking for a little bigger monitor.. I bit the bullet and bought a Westinghouse LVM-37w LCD refurb 1920 x 1080 years ago .. and it is beautiful!

But for less than half of what I bought it for 2 years ago, you can now get the LVM-42W2 - 42" HD-Ready 1080p LCD Monitor- Silver/Black (LVM-42W2) Full 1080p monitor with 1000:1 contrast and 8ms Response Time, HDMI / DVI / VGA PC Inputs, Stereo Speakers plus Built-In 10w Subwoofer (Manufacturer Recertified) for only $799.00 from eCost.com.
I have bought almost all of my equipment over the years from them (they are a division of MacMall/PCMall). Call the account reps instead of ordering online and they will usually give you shipping at cost. Call Jill @ (972) 881-2900 x7754 and tell her you buy any amount of PC equipment and she should jump at your business!

Oh.. Westinghouse even offers a 52" 1080p LCD Monitor!