Help - change transition assigned to shortcut keys

Guy S. wrote on 10/27/2010, 6:22 AM
The [ / * - ] keys on the keypad can be used as shortcuts to insert transitions when Num Lock is on. Looking at the keyboard mapping, I see that these keys are assigned to Transition 1, 2, and 3, but I don't see any way to change which transition is number 1, 2, or 3.

Does anyone know of a way to do this in V10?




altarvic wrote on 10/27/2010, 7:51 AM
These transitions can be changed in Internal preferences (Hold down the Shift key while clicking Tools-Preferences) Go to Internal tab and type "Standard Transition" in the search box (without quotes). Use the following GUIDs:

Standard Crossfade: {da6f7c17-cd66-11d1-9aa7-00a0c99b12c5}
Page Roll: {1683f168-fa47-4a82-98f4-be52a7f36a31}
Page Peel: {99418c6a-19fd-4c62-b692-24a0d315a878}
Page Loop: {f8e30798-ee56-49e1-82be-bd56e52e4007}
Portals: {5856937c-3603-4378-83cf-889423820f39}
Swap: {59caf1a5-1c2f-11d4-817e-00b0d0205515}
Split: {af080382-201f-11d4-817e-00b0d0205515}
Slide: {3f2b7302-211c-11d4-817e-00b0d0205515}
Spiral: {1d96d3e2-227c-11d4-817e-00b0d0205515}
Cross Effect: {e6206561-24cf-11d4-817e-00b0d0205515}
Venetian Blinds: {bf8ef6da-4ed5-4f9c-b549-919490f88b2f}
3D Cascade: {f4d82040-d40f-44ad-bb24-6aab29dc21f1}
3D Fly In/Out: {573fa5a1-f314-4539-9bb1-77fa92d4e7cd}
3D Shuffle: {e38b2b4a-ba99-4f67-b533-1997297850dd}
3D Blinds: {c843a552-aaeb-411c-8481-cf4c52a336e3}
Flash: {51a37fe8-9c77-430d-b32a-ab5db25739e9}
Dissolve: {a6c9ef42-1467-47be-8dff-0fc2fec07502}
Clock Wipe: {af87b431-d301-11d2-8305-00c04f68f454}
Iris: {b520e402-3dee-11d3-afd4-00c04f6b807e}
Push: {f611a8e3-d63c-11d2-8305-00c04f68f454}
Squeeze: {f611a8e7-d63c-11d2-8305-00c04f68f454}
Linear Wipe: {a09106d0-5344-11d2-95cc-00c04f8edc2d}
Barn Door: {b3b78e01-d147-11d2-8305-00c04f68f454}
Zoom: {f611a8e5-d63c-11d2-8305-00c04f68f454}
Guy S. wrote on 10/27/2010, 11:40 AM
Duh! How obvious, I should've known that! ;)

xberk wrote on 10/31/2010, 9:30 AM
Thanks Altarvic -- Pretty cool. I use the "flash" transition a lot these days instead of a quick dissolve (old fashion now) .. so by inserting the flash transition as Standard Transition 2, I can place my timeline cursor on the overlap, hit the * key on the number pad and bang! .. I have a flash transition.

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