HELP!!! corrupted file!

PipelineAudio wrote on 6/17/2001, 3:41 AM
Vegas crashed my computer, big surprise. But unlike the thousands of other crashes that vegas has caused, this time the *.veg file is corrupt and vegas cant open it.
Not only that but its *.veg.bak file is ALSO corrupted.

Anyone know a way to get these files back?
There are a SERIOUS amount of hours involved in this mix!


Ted_H wrote on 6/18/2001, 10:39 AM
Unfortunately, if a file is corrupted there is no way to get it back.

CDM wrote on 6/18/2001, 6:40 PM
try moving the Vegas file to a different location. This has worked for me in the past - it will ask you where the media is for the project (hopefully!) Good Luck.
Does Vegas really crash that much for you. I can barely ever get it to crash any more with version 2.0g. Are you current?
Cheesehole wrote on 6/18/2001, 9:04 PM
To get Vegas to ask you where the media is, rename the folder where your media is stored.

Vegas crashes are extremely rare for me too. It's very stable. I've had maybe 4 since December. So it actually is a big surprise to hear that Pipline is having crashes. (that are caused by Vegas anyway)
Arno wrote on 6/20/2001, 12:57 AM
I have had this happen to me several times. Actually the Vegas project file itself(.veg)was not corrupted. The program had a problem with a couple of the audio files. I did find a workaround (it is a little time consuming). You can see if this works for you:

- Move all the files in your project folder, except the project file(.veg), to a different location.
- Now, try to open the .veg file with all media offline.
- If this doesn't work you have a different problem than I had.
- Otherwise, move all your audio files (one at a time) back into the folder.
- After each one, try to open the .veg file.
- When it doesn't want to open anymore you've found the corrupted sound file.
- Leave the corrupted file(s) out of the folder.
- Now you can save the corrupted sound file(s)under a different name (I do this in Sound Forge), put these back in the folder and manually place it in the proper spot in the project.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need clarification.

Clearly this is a bug in Vegas since those same audio files open fine in different projects. Hopefully Sonic Foundry can fix this ASAP.

Good Luck.
PipelineAudio wrote on 6/20/2001, 4:33 PM
Thanks for the tries, no luck :(
As for the crashing frequency, it has certainly gone down, to a forced reboot crash on average of once every 20 minutes and a "just close the program and restart vegas" crash every ten.

From the very start, the early and beta versions of vegas one were crash city, on many different computers, and there was a HORRIBLE crash while recording in sync problem. Later that was fixed, somewhat, but even in the current version some of us have had to learn a dance that goes like this:
record in sync
hit stop when done in vegas FIRST
next hit stop on the timecode generating device
save the file
now hit "chase to midi timecode 3 times(not once not twice not four tinmes)
now you are free to open the next file
that trick has enbded my record in sync crashes.

In terms of mixing crashes I seem to get the most of them when I have a LOT of edits, splits and crossfades, anyone else see this behaviour ?

The speed and ease of crossfades are what got me hooked on vegas in the first place, as crash or no crash, this would take FOREVER on cubendo or sonar or samplitude, and not even possible in cool edit.

Crashing frequency doesnt seem to be related to track count, sampling rate, bit depth or number of fx for me, but seems more linked to type of fx, number of splits and crossfades, number of pitch/time stretched events and free hard disk space. Does this seem right?

I push vegas very very hard, and actually expect it to crash more than it does, from early experience with the original vegas 1 beta, so for the most part, it performs better than I could hope, just this once where it corrupted both the file and the *.veg.bak file at the same time is the only crash that ever really affected me.
SonyEPM wrote on 6/20/2001, 9:54 PM
The crashes reported earlier in this thread are occuring with an older version of Vegas. All users are encouraged to stay current with their SF apps by downloading the frequently posted free updates.

Many of the changes we make in these letter releases are based on user bug reports, so please take advantage of these updates. You are very likely to get increased stability as well as the occaisonal CNF (cool new feature) with each update.

Vegas is now at 2.0g.
Arno wrote on 6/20/2001, 10:50 PM
I have the latest version 2.0g and I just had a problem with a corrupted .veg file as described previously (I guess it is possible that the actual corruption happened in a prior version).

3 of the audio files apparently are corrupted and since there were a lot of edits in those files, it took me hours to get the project back to its original state.

Those same audio files open just fine in a different project, so there seems to be nothing wrong with the audio files. In addition, the .veg file opens up fine with those particular audio files offline. So it's unclear whether the audio files or the project file is to blame.

I hope there is a way to fix this bug. We need to rely on the fact that we can open a project the next time we turn on our computer to work.

Aside from this problem I do find that the latest version is very stable, particularly when using WAVES plugins. Which often led to crashes in previous versions.

PipelineAudio wrote on 6/20/2001, 11:09 PM
Sonic EPM I know I oughtta be switched to 2.0g but I am still reeling over the change from 2.0 to 2.0b. I got a LOT of files that MUST open, am I ok going to the new version?
SonyEPM wrote on 6/21/2001, 8:37 AM
we verify older projects will open when we release an update. If your projects are critical, you are advised to stick with the version you have (or send the veg files to me and I'll pre-verify them for you).