help with distributing my instructional video

goodtimej wrote on 3/25/2009, 4:36 PM
I was hoping that you may have suggestions for me concerning the distribution of an instructional DVD that I am in the process of creating. This is all Camtasia screen capture with VO. Basically I know how to create it, just not how to market it. Is there a service out there that you could point me to that has good results? Any experiences you could pass along to me?
I am planning on delivering the clips on a DVD, but not DVD format. Might be interested in digital distribution as well. I dunno, I need help please!


ushere wrote on 3/25/2009, 5:45 PM
you and half the video producers i know ;-)

after 40+ years in production i've seen some truly remarkable video's; doco's, trainers, shorts, etc., many of which i thought (objectively) were quite outstanding. unfortunately many of them simply ended up on a vhs, or if the budget stretched, sp beta, and later still dvd.... and ended up being watched solely by those associated with the producer.

what you're asking for is the holy grail of video production - how to distribute? my own experience is limited (having worked in tv, and later run a production / post facility), but from my first recent venture into an indie production (a 50min 'doco / record' of a local horse event) i can tell you what i learnt:

a. know or (as i did) research what's in the market already, and how it's advertised / distributed / priced.

b. produce material that gives a new twist, better coverage, whathaveyou, of the subject.

c. distribute through the same channels as you discovered in your research.

that said, i produced my video, sold it for $25 aus (ex p&p), and so far have sold over 1500 copies (all over the world).

i discovered that initial advertising pays off (nothing too expensive though), and word of mouth is the best sales mechanism there is.

so. in your case, what's your dvd about? who else has produced one? where have you seen other program material advertised (be it book, dvd, etc.,)? etc.,

interestingly enough, my literary agent once said if there's a shelf of books about a subject in a book shop, another book wont go amiss. if there isn't a book about it, it's going to be an uphill battle....

good luck


btw, there are a number of 'independent' distributors out there - i tried them all. my 'subject' was too 'specialised', niche' market etc., if i was doing it today, maybe a 'trailer' on youtube, or the like?