Help with DVD video ....

pcfreakx wrote on 12/3/2002, 11:16 AM
Guys, I have tried several different authoring apps. I have been using Dazzle DVD Complete and Ulead's DVD Workshop mostly, but I have tried DVDIt, Pinnacle's Impression and Cyberlinks PowerDirector Pro. Although my video looks okay, I don't seem to have any fast-forward or rewind functionality in a set top DVD player. Is there something I am missing in my encoding step with MainConcept MPEG2? I use the default profile and only change the max/min bit rates. I have also tried exporting to elemental (separate) video/audio streams (.MPA and .M2V). I haven't burned those with Pinnacle Impression yet, so that may do it. Any suggestions on exactly how to make completely compliant DVD video? What settings should I use in MainCOncept? What app do you suggest?


riredale wrote on 12/3/2002, 11:22 AM
I don't know if this is at all relevant, but I discovered a few months ago that my DVD would not fast-forward properly if I used a bitrate that was right at the top of the legal range (i.e. 9.8Mb/sec). I rationalized that my player just couldn't keep up. When I reduced the bitrate a little, everything was fine.
CasaLoma wrote on 12/3/2002, 11:22 AM
Use the Default Template DVD NTSC to get a compliant stream for your DVD authoring app.(assuming NTSC player) I usually tweak the default, change VBR to CBR 6000 since I dont have any sizing issues. Load it into DVD Complete and burn as is. DVD Complete usually re-encodes my audio but that happens pretty fast.
I can fast forward and rewind 2x,4x on my APEX. I use an APEX 660. The other issue that could be effecting you, your setop DVD player. I've heard different brands can handle DVD-R/W better than others (Pioneer,APEX seem to work well).
Good Luck
pcfreakx wrote on 12/3/2002, 3:30 PM
It could definitely be my DVD Player. I am using pretty generic DVDR's (the purple ink kind). My DVD player is Sony's ES9000 or something like that (DVD/SACD player) and it is pretty picky about media. Could one of you tell me exactly what you use for all your options? I am encoding at only about 6-8mbps and my audio I am doing at 224 (layer 2). What I am doing is recording TV and dumping to DVD for archiving. (don't tell Fox! ;) ) I am recording as MPEG2 through my tuner card then editing and recompressing which is probably what is killing my quality and messing it all up. I could switch to capturing as AVI, but that produces HUGE files. Any ideas on the best way to do what I am trying to accomplish? I have tried HuffyUV codec, but VV doesn't seem to like that a whole lot. Thanks for the help. This is the coolest forum with very little of the condescending attitude. That is nice for a change.