Help with Upgrade to VV4d

Bobpin wrote on 8/14/2003, 4:38 AM
I purchased and installed VV4 in May to upgrade from VV3.0c every thing seemed ok at my speed, which isn't very far along ??,I have recently D/L VV4c and since installing I have lost Sonics FX,Transition & Media Generator,I have now D/L VV4d and installed = same problem. In the Media Gen. "No Plugins Found - Please Reinstall product to solve problem ".So I removed VV4 & booted then Installed VV4d, Did not fix my problem, also when I check Help/about it says I have VV4c build 184 installed ,it also shows my serial # ????.
When I go online to Re-Register I get an error message and to try again later.
I still have VV3 installed , would this be a problem ?
Am I missing something easy or what is it.

I have sent this to S/F support also.
Thanks in advance to this Forum



TorS wrote on 8/14/2003, 6:45 AM
one thing you have to do before reinstall is to delete the folder called Sonic Foundry Setup under your Program Files folder. Those files were used in your previous install.
Bobpin wrote on 8/14/2003, 7:11 AM
Thanks Tors,

I did that and now everything is there except that it still shows as vv4c not d not that it will worry me too much. registration went thru OK.

If only all problems could be solved as easy.

Thanks again

jetdv wrote on 8/14/2003, 9:00 AM
If it still says 4.0c, you have NOT upgraded to 4.0d.