Hey Paul O. - re: Same Prob as you?

dumbo wrote on 5/20/2003, 12:16 PM
Hi Paul or anyone who can help, i am having for the most part, the exact same problem as Paul O. has mentioned.... CDA5 works fine until you go to burn , then locks up (for me its instant) and never progresses- you can press cancel, but it does nothing. That was with an ADAPTI CDR, now i put a USB Iomega in, and it does the SAME thing, then i noticed you have to switch the CDR id, so i did, but now as soon as i try anything with the Iomega USB (only in CDA5) the whole PC locks up for eternity? Paul, did you ever find a solution? I really like CDA, so i would love to keep using it, if i could. BTW- the ATAPI CDR was an MSI (generic) . Please help!


PaulO wrote on 5/30/2003, 6:36 AM
This doesn't really feel like the problem I had which was with one particular drive, a Plextor 2410A. A newer Plextor model works OK, so I cannot say whether or not my 2410 was typical or simply marginal.

My problem was clearly interface related and Sonic Foundry tech. support allege that this particular model is renowned for problems of this nature. Without greater understanding of the true cause of this fault it probably isn't possible to know whether your difficulty is in the same territory. My suspicion (purely a reasonably educated guess) is that my problem was caused by some sort of wait condition in the interface, where the software is waiting for a state that either never arrives / is not detected / is missed by the software, hence the appearance of lock-up.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/30/2003, 5:25 PM
Are you sure it's locking up. Mine sits there with a progress meter stuck at a few percent (though actually still writing) which isn't updated until complete.

PaulO wrote on 5/31/2003, 4:48 AM
> Are you sure it's locking up

Beyond a doubt. Complete cessation of the drive activity indicator bears this out. The oddest part of this whole business is the reason why every other burning program I could lay my hands on was fine, but CD Architect (both 4 & 5) had this difficulty with the Plextor 2410A.

The fact that newer Plextor drives seem OK tends to point to a problem with the 2410A but nonetheless there is still the point that CDA is the only burning software that has a problem with that drive. It is unlikely that we will ever get to the bottom of this one.